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Makeup can create a sensational look, but let’s face it, putting it on as we get ready for the day can be time-consuming. Luckily, we have a solution, which is our Las Vegas permanent makeup packages that can enable you to just get up and go! Imagine not having to put eyeliner, lipstick, brow pencil, or mascara on; it can be a reality when you visit our Salon in Henderson.

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Ombré brows

For the fashion-forward makeup-lovers, the Ombré Brows is another excellent choice. It can be added on top of Micro shading or Combination Brows, or you can opt for the style without the other enhancements. You can think of it as manicured eyebrows because they appear so sleek and bold. Starting off with a gentle powder effect in the beginning then gradually transitions to a bolder finish. Ombré brows have more definition and they’re perfect for those who love keeping up with the changing fashion trends. You’ll make quite an impression wearing this ultra-fab style!

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Lip Blush

Tired of spending too much time lining and coloring your lips everyday only to end up with mediocre results? All this work but still feeling insecure because you are worried your lipstick got on your teeth or got smudged on your drink?  If saving time and feeling confident is extremely important to you then you’ll understand why getting Lip Blush done can be a life changing moment - it can put an end to this vicious cycle and liberate you from the chains of imperfect lips! Our Artists can create a variety of Lip Blush styles: from soft and natural color that resemble a lip tint to a complete lipstick effect. There is also the option that you may just desire a correction for asymmetry or receded lips.

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You can swim, bathe, and cry and your eyeliner stay on perfectly. We can do your eyeliner in a multitude of ways – soft and smudgy, tight and defined, thick or thin, dark or light. The top can be thicker than the bottom, the bottom can be just halfway across. The options are endless! Your eyes are often the first thing people see. Make them pop! This procedure is amazing for a woman of any age!

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