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Trade show massage services, nails, makeup, hair
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Chair massage

A mere 15-minute session of chair massage has been demonstrated to alleviate stress, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance overall well-being.

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Event Makeup

Our makeup artists will arrive at your address at a convenient time for you and provide a full range of services.

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Nails for Events & Trade Shows

Our team of Nail Techs have a minimum of 5 years salon experience and have gone through extensive training to deliver consistent services every time you book ultimate experience.

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Hair Stylist

We are ready to help your guests or employees look perfect for that special night. We work with both men and women and offer a wide range of services.

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Our Prices

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Chair massage (from $120 per hour)

Ensure Your Next Convention Booth Stands Out Among the Competition.


Begin Enhancing Your Event or Trade Show NOW!

Call us on +1 (725) 587-7755 or simply book an appointment

Chair massage elevates the overall experience for everyone, whether it's a health fair, trade show, or any of the myriad events hosted annually in Las Vegas. A mere 15-minute chair massage has been demonstrated to alleviate stress, ease chronic pain, and enhance overall well-being. We'll help you to show how well-being of your guests, customers or employees really matters!

We offer chair massage, makeup, hair and nails services right for your business this night! Let's create memorable events for your guests and employees together!

Three easy steps

  • Opt for a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule that aligns with your team's requirements.
  • Choose sessions lasting (from 10 minutes), determining the total event duration based on the number of participants.
  • Allocate a conference room or another tranquil space where employees can enjoy self-booked sessions peacefully.

It's easy to make an appointment: Just contact us and we'll have everything planned in minutes.

What Do We Have Special for Your Business?

We aim to create an exceptional beauty and wellness experience for your team. Alongside our events & trade show services, we offer:

  • Personalized assistance from a dedicated account manager.
  • Convenient online self-scheduling with reminders.
  • Volume discounts for regular and recurring sessions.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and utilization support.

Event & Trade Show Massage Services

Searching for an effective strategy to drive traffic to your trade show booth or generate positive vibes at your event, or perhaps both? Wishing to captivate attendees' attention and increase your chances of connecting with potential clients? Maybe you're keen on associating your brand with a positive encounter? Look no further—our corporate massage programs are the solution. Providing chair massages to convention visitors not only ensures a memorable and soothing experience but also encourages potential customers to gravitate towards your booth. They will relish their time at your exhibit, creating a lasting memory associated with your brand.

Las Vegas Mobile Chair Massages For Conventions & Special Events

The go-to method for stress management in workplaces globally is On-Site Corporate Chair Massage. The enduring benefits of workplace massage significantly impact the overall well-being and success of entire companies. Simplifying the process of incorporating chair massage and mobile spa services into your company or event is our expertise. Our team of corporate program managers and event planners is prepared to seamlessly bring these services to your site anywhere in Las Vegas. Our diverse corporate clientele spans various industries, ranging from business networking tours to film production companies and even YouTube bloggers. No matter where you are in the Las Vegas Area, we have your chair massage needs covered.

Event chair massage services definitely work!

Individuals in a state of relaxation are more receptive to your message compared to those who are tense and hurried. Opting for trade show massage services can result in improved business outcomes for you. Providing on-site massage sets your company apart from the competition, leaving a lasting impression on attendees who are more likely to remember your brand.


So what services we can offer for your event?

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We can offer: Chair Massage, Mini-manicures with Hand Massages, Foot Massage & Foot Massage Machines, Regular or Gel Polish Manicures, Regular or Gel Polish Pedicures, Manicures and Pedicures Combo, Nail Art, Nail Repair, Event Makeup, Nude Makeup, Hair and much more!

What are the key benefits of our services?

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We aim to assist companies in attracting attendees to their booth, hospitality suite, exhibit, or any event by delivering exceptional services that customers value. Our focus is on establishing a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

What is your area of service?

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As long as you are in Las Vegas we are your best option! Our team goes to great lengths to serve the area, so contact us to know when and where we can serve you.

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