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Bridal Makeup

Weddings are a spectacular event and you’re going to be the center of attention.With the help of a seasoned Las Vegas mobile bridal makeup service, brides can bring their biggest dreams to life in a moment’s notice.

At Divine we specialize in long-lasting makeup made to last throughout your entire wedding day celebration! From the classy bride, dramatic bride, sweet bride to zombie bride, our team of artists can bring your dream into reality. We will work closely with you to bring out the best look and style for your wedding.

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Beauty trial makeup

It begins with the help of a customized beauty trial that is done in advance. This is used as a way to learn about the bride’s skin tone, needs, and vision for the big day. Each bride is going to be unique in her needs and that’s what a beauty trial is able to manage.

A specialist makeup artist is going to take the time to recognize these needs and move forward with a wonderful look.

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Special occasion makeup

There’s nothing like the excitement of preparing for your prom, graduation, or other special event. All your friends will be there. Everyone will take loads of photos. You’ve got to look fantastic. Book your appointment today and let our award-winning mobile makeup artist team transform you into your dream look, so you feel confident and look your best!

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small circle Nude makeup

Nude makeup

Do you want to enhance your natural skin and beauty? Then nude makeup is an option for you. Nude makeup doesn't mean 'no makeup'. However, it does give the illusion of having no makeup on.

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leaves in small circle Group makeup

Group makeup

Our services are not limited just to one person, we also offer services for groups of two and more.

We are ready to glam up your bridal party from one to.. all the bridesmaids, family, or guests you need! Any other group like bachelorettes, birthdays, girls’ night out, or any other occasions.

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Call us on +1 (725) 587-7755 or simply book an appointment

We all want to look good, but when it comes to something like makeup it can be hard to master on your own. So what can you do when you aren't a makeup master yourself? That's where local makeup artists come in. So keep on reading, and we assure you that whether you are a makeup master or a newbie, you'll be able to get the perfect look with this guide.

Table of Contents:

  • The importance of local makeup artists
  • What are the best places to get makeup done in Las Vegas?
  • What can I do if there are no makeup salons near me?
  • The mobile makeup artist in Las Vegas scene
  • Finding a mobile makeup artist near me
  • The advantages of hiring a traveling makeup artist near me
  • Double down with a makeup artist and hairstylist near me
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

The importance of local makeup artists

Makeup is the last layer of sophistication we need for big events or when we want to impress, but well not everybody is or has to be an expert at it. And that's why local makeup artists are such an important part of our community.

A mobile makeup artist in Las Vegas can ensure that anybody in the area has access to great makeup services and the best part is: They offer their services at your home. So the general idea is that with a traveling makeup artist near me, anybody can look great as soon as they need it: And that's what we offer at Divine.

What are the best places to get makeup done in Las Vegas?

If you are looking for places to get makeup done near me then you'll be likely searching for salons first and foremost. However, depending on your current location or even your schedule your local makeup salon might not be an option. Either because it's too far away, or because you have a very tight schedule.

But don't worry: There are still more options, and a mobile makeup artist might be exactly what you are looking for.

What can I do if there are no makeup salons near me?

If you can't find makeup salons near me no matter how much you search on Google or explore your neighborhood: It's time to look into a traveling makeup artist instead.

The modern world has many conveniences, and as businesses evolve so do the opportunities clients like you have. So instead of looking for makeup salons near me, you can look for makeup professionals that will be willing to go to your home.

It's a simple change, but it can make the difference between looking amazing or having to settle for no makeup at all.

The mobile makeup artist in Las Vegas scene

By now you are probably wondering how easy is it to get a mobile makeup artist near me in Las Vegas: Thankfully, it's as easy as making a call.

At Divine, we offer professional makeup near me in the entire Las Vegas area, which means that no matter where you are all you have to do is to contact us to get a traveling makeup artist at your home. It's that simple.

Our fees are reasonable despite the added convenience of visiting you, and our service is every bit as professional as any other makeup artist salon in the market. Every single member of our staff is licensed, insured, and vetted. And this means that no matter who you work with: You'll get professional and respectful makeup services.

Finding a mobile makeup artist near me

If you are tired of looking for places to get makeup done all you need to do is to schedule an appointment with us today. Our mobile makeup artist staff is waiting for you and will get an appointment scheduled as soon as possible depending on your availability and our current appointments.

And the best part: Booking a makeup session has never been easier. At Divine a single phone call is all you need to get your makeup session scheduled. And if making a call proves complicated, we can also arrange a session through texting or our website. For Divine making sure you have comfortable options for makeup artist and hairstylist near me is our priority, and we make sure working with us is a snap.

The advantages of hiring a traveling makeup artist near me

We've talked a lot about mobile makeup today, but let's double down and take a clear look at the advantages our services offer compared to the traditional method of looking for makeup artist and hairstylist near me:

  • Convenience: Divine goes where you need it to, when you need it to. Our team regularly goes to private residences, hotel rooms, and even offices just to make sure our clients can get their service when they need it.

  • Complete Professionalism: Our team is licensed, and insured and every single member of our staff has had their background checked for your safety. That means every artist at Divine is one of the best the market has to offer.

  • Variety: At Divine, our team is trained for a wide variety of styles and occasions. So whether you are looking for bridal makeup, group sessions, subtle touchup, or even a complete beauty trial; we'll rise to the task.

Double down with a makeup artist and hairstylist near me

If you want to make the most out of our upcoming visit why not opt for a makeup and hair session both? At Divine, we offer hairstyling on top of our makeup services, with professional hairdressers who are willing to make home visits. So if you are getting yourself prepped up for an important occasion, you can leave all of your beauty needs in our capable hands.


Will you reach my location?

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You don't need to think of Divine as the regular places that do makeup near me. We offer our services all over the Las Vegas area, so just give it a call and we are confident we'll be able to reach you.

What kind of makeup do you offer?

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Currently, our focus lies on Bridal, Beauty Trial, Special Occasion, Nude, and Group Makeup.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

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It's usually a matter of minutes. We can't always assure you we'll have an immediate appointment for you, but we'll always answer at the moment.

Can I schedule a visit for multiple people?

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Of course. Group makeup is one of our specialties.


In today's hectic world, the best way to get makeup done is to have a makeup artist visit you at home, and at Divine we have the best staff for it. So don't think twice and contact us today to get your first session scheduled in a matter of minutes.

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